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Travis Steele is Xavier's (not so secret) recruiting weapon

The sales job done by Steele and the rest of the Xavier staff on the recruiting trail has the team set up to finish what they started last year.

Georgetown v Xavier
Chisr Mack is backed by one of the best staffs in college ball.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

ESPN ran a story today about the best recruiters on staff for each top 25 team, and Xavier's Travis Steele got the nod for the Muskies. The post says, in part:

"[Steele] helped bring in last year's stars Trevon Bluiett and Edmond Sumner, as well as Jalen Reynolds. Steele also has Xavier heavily in the mic for multiple ESPN 100 prospects in 2017, namely Kris Wilkes and Paul Scruggs."

The article also names Luke Murray as a potent recruiter and former Xavier assistant Ashley Howard - now at Nova - as another solid assistant in roster building. With Jared Ridder, Elias Harden, and Naji Marshall already committed to Xavier, Steele's landing one (or both) of Wilkes and Scruggs could propel the next incoming class to heights of talent that Xavier has never seen before.

For many Xavier fans, the fun part is still a couple of months away from really kicking off. For people who spend the summer with their ears to the ground for any hint of basketball news, the name Travis Steele is already a well-known one. When Coach Mack looks down the bench at crunch time for the player who suits the moment, it will be in part down to Steele's work that he has talent to choose from.