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Xavier has four nationally televised games on the schedule

Xavier bookends its TV time with Utah and Villanova.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East released its schedule today, and with it came great news for the seven remaining people in the USA who rely on an antenna for their television programming. Xavier will play three times on national FOX channels and once on CBS.

Xavier actually headlines the Big East's national games on FOX with its December 10th contest against Utah in Cintas at 5pm. In addition to being one of a number of good early testers for the Muskies, it will be the team's first national exposure of the year. With X rolling into the season with big expectations from a lot of quarters, they have a chance to put a marker down early in the year that will stick in the minds of the powers that be.

From there it's six weeks until X shows up on an over-the-air broadcast, with the home game against Georgetown on January 22nd at 2:30pm. That game will be on CBS. Xavier's only scheduled nationally-televised road game will be at 3pm on February 4th against Creighton. I'm of the opinion that the Jays are going to be good this year and Omaha is always a tough place to play; this one should be worth the price of free TV. The Muskies will wrap their national exposure at Cintas at 2:30pm on February 11th when they host defending national champions Villanova.

FOX also has the final weekend of the Big East regular season slated as "flex games," meaning they can take any game being played that Saturday and broadcast it nationally if it's of keen interest. Xavier will be at DePaul that day, so... stranger things have happened. I don't anticipate that one getting pulled for top billing though. Finally, the Big East Tournament championship game will be broadcast nationally, so there's a chance Xavier could get up to six national games this year.

Other games of note on FOX include Georgetown hosting Butler on January 7th, Georgetown hosting former (and future?) Big East opponent UConn on January 14th, and Nova taking on Virginia on January 29th. Nova also has the only non-conference game involving a Big East team on CBS when they play Notre Dame in Newark, NJ on December 10th at noon.