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Myles Davis Suspended Indefinitely

Xavier's Senior guard faces a spell on the sidelines after a tumultuous summer.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier basketball's Senior guard and presumptive team leader was suspended from basketball activities indefinitely on Thursday, a move that follows a summer of off the court woes for the New Jersey raised sharpshooter. In a brief statement Coach Mack said: "Myles Davis is suspended indefinitely from all basketball activities. Playing basketball for Xavier is a privilege and we have high expectations for how our student-athletes represent our university. Unless Myles meets those expectations he will not be a part of our program." This news comes in the midst of an offseason that has seen Xavier lose Jalen Reynolds to Europe, Larry Austin and Makinde London to transfer, and Eddie Ekiyor to Canada, not to mention James Farr and Remy Abell to graduation.

As far as the outlook on the season in light of this news, the fact is that very little is known about the circumstances surrounding the suspension, although it hasn't stopped some from speculating, and there are still a couple of calendar pages to cover before Xavier tips off their season and the situation will surely be examined and put to bed one way or the other by then. While this can not be taken as good news by any means, it is still a bit premature to sound any alarm bells just yet.