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Xavier senior Tim Stainbrook awarded a full scholarship

Matt’s brother has now received more scholarship years than Matt ever did.

Wisconsin v Xavier
“Oh my gosh you guys...”
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

According to Coach Mack on Twitter today, Xavier has awarded a full ride to senior forward Tim Stainbrook.

Thanks to this little roster move, Tim Stainbrook has now spent more time on scholarship with the Musketeers that his brother Matt - who you might recall as being a fairly solid player for X - did. Part of that is due to the fact that Matt gave his scholarship to Tim two years ago to save the Stainbrook clan some money, but it’s an interesting quirk of NCAA economic that Tim is getting a second free year.

This is not an unprecedented move for Xavier, which has a history of giving scholarships to long-serving walkons when there is room on the roster to do so. You would have to imagine that this formally signals the end of any roster moves for the Musketeers in the run up to the basketball season.