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Xavier sets home visit with Kris Wilkes

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

According to this tweet, Xavier will be invading Kris Wilkes's home on the second Tuesday of September. (Sorry for the cumbersome link; technology and I are not getting along today.) As is plainly evident from that list of schools, Xavier is in with a shot at the five-star forward. UCLA has gained some momentum late in the summer, but bigger guns like Kentucky and North Carolina seem to have backed off.

Of the midwest schools still involved, Xavier is probably the best program going right now. Indiana fans wanted to fire Tom Crean last year before Yogi Ferrell got hot, and Illinois hasn't made the second weekend since 2005.

Wilkes has four teams in his top five - Xavier, Illinois, Indiana, and UConn - in common with the final schools in the running for AAU teammate Paul Scruggs, one of the top guards in the class. With rumors abounding that the two may want to pair up at the NCAA level, there's a chance someone's day gets made in a big way when they decide to commit.

In the meantime, here are some highlights of Wilkes from this summer: