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Myles Davis facing a new charge

Wisconsin v Xavier Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The hits just keep on coming for Xavier this offseason. Fresh off the departure of Eddie Ekiyor for snowier pastures, Myles Davis has been charged with a second offense involving his former girlfriend, Kiley Stoll. While this still stems, it appears, from the same or a related incident to the first one and isn’t entirely unexpected, it still isn’t anything but bad news.

According to reports, Myles allegedly took a phone from the Stoll’s hand and threw it on the ground which, obviously, destroyed it. Myles also allegedly kicked or hit the woman’s car and left a dent in the door. With the female’s father now involved, further charges have been issued. According to reports, Myles will turn himself in to police on Monday.

Myles seems to indicate there is more to this story

There are two ways of looking at this incident:

The first is a pro Myles view. Frankly speaking, things like this happen every day and go unreported. It’s possible that if Myles weren’t Myles, it would just be another day in the lovely metropolitan Hamilton Co. area. Sources near the team say that Myles was warned off Ms. Stoll during the season last year and advised to keep his focus on basketball. Young men being young men though, that didn’t happen. People get angry, arguments happen and, thankfully, no one got hurt.

Unfortunately, that’s only way of looking at it. Incidents like this may be commonplace, but that doesn’t make them right. Domestic violence or anything even resembling it just can’t be shrugged off because it isn’t rare. (And how sad is that sentence?) IF IF IF these allegations are true, these actions aren’t excusable. If you take a phone and break it or if you kick or strike a car so hard that you dent it, you have a problem and it needs addressed immediately and sternly. DV has to be condemned in the strongest possible terms at every possible chance.

That’s why I hope that there is more to this story. Sadly, our justice system actually presumes guilt, not innocence, in the early parts of proceeding and there’s nothing Myles can say now that can’t be used to hurt him later. Myles is by all accounts a great teammate and is, by my own observation, great with kids who adore him. Hopefully, that’s the image of Myles that we can all retain when this is over.

Myles is squinting into the sun, not making an angry face at a little kid.
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