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2017 five-star wing Kris Wilkes cuts list to 11, includes Xavier

Xavier has a really good class coming together in 2017, but Wilkes would be the star.

Courtside films screencap
Courtside films screencap

First, the news:

Wilkes is a five-star swing forward who measures 6'7" and weighs in just a hair shy of 200 pounds. He is super athletic in transition and can really beat people down the floor on fast breaks. He is more of a four who can step out than a big wing at this point, with great touch in and around the paint and an expanding face up game.

Wilkes would really slot nicely into Xavier's growing 2017 recruiting class. Jared Ridder is the closest positional comp to him, but their games could hardly be more different. Ridder is a face up, catch and shoot stretch forward; Wilkes is all about pace and power and an overwhelming paint game. With wing Naji Marshall and shooting guard Elias Harden also already committed, the inside component that Wilkes offers would really help balance the class.

Of course, there's a huge difference between still being in and having him on the team. Even with verbal commits, it's not a sure thing until the player waves his no-trade clause signs the LOI. Still, you can't land a guy if you're out at this point, and Xavier is still in.