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Myles Davis latest Xavier player in legal trouble

Leading the league in court appearances was almost certainly not one of the goals Coach Mack had for Team 95. Disappointingly, Myles Davis is the latest.

The heart and soul of Team 95 have hit some legal snags.
The heart and soul of Team 95 have hit some legal snags.
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Xavier's summer of discontent continues as Musketeers players keep going back to the classic ways of getting themselves in trouble. First it was JP Macura indulging in too much alcohol, now it's Myles Davis having some sort of domestic disturbance with his (now ex) girlfriend. News broke today that Myles is now the subject of a temporary protective order from Kiley Stoll.

Chief among the allegations made by Ms. Stoll are that Myles punched holes in her walls, engaged in a pattern of email harassment, tried to punch through her windows, and put his hands on here. Myles also faces charges in Hamilton Co Court for criminal damaging stemming from an incident in which the same woman alleges he destroyed her cell phone.

Myles, through his lawyer, "vehemently denies" all of the allegations and said that he agreed to the TPO in order to help stay away from the woman. The school is aware of the incident but, of course, cannot offer comment. In real world circumstances Myles is most likely looking at the same type of diversionary program that JP got should he choose to not fight the charge. A key difference here though is that Myles is maintaining his innocence (for now) and JP never really had much of a chance for that.

There are a couple other things worth noting here as well:

1. Domestic violence should not ever be taken lightly. On a personal level I really enjoy the way Myles plays and how personable he has been to my family and I the times we've run across him. I don't want to think he's the kind of person who would put hands on a woman or punch holes in her walls. I suspect Xavier Nation is with me on that. Regardless, though, of team affiliation the alleged behavior is not acceptable and must be dealt with very seriously. The NFL may choose to turn a blind eye to DV except when grandstanding, Xavier University cannot. Hopefully, this isn't true or is exaggerated.

2. You all have Google and the wherewithal to use it. There's a lot of rumor running around this story out there and on the Twittersphere. A lot of it casts one or both of the parties in this case in an indecorous light. We'll stick with substantiated fact here. If she's crazy, he's crazy, they're both crazy, or we're all crazy, really has no bearing on the pertinent issues of this case and we aren't here to assassinate the character of anyone other than John Calipari. Did you know he cheats? It's true.

3. This is now two Xavier players who have faced criminal charges this offseason. Young men will be young men to some extent, but this isn't a good look for the program or Coach Mack. Xavier has, to this point, constructed a very good basketball program without ever running into real issues outside of the occasional puppy-napping. That has changed in 2016, and not for the better. Whatever is happening on Victory Parkway may take some addressing before Team 95 is back in full gear.