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Is Quentin Goodin the answer to Xavier's biggest question?

One national writer seems to think so.

I'll miss you, Remy.
I'll miss you, Remy.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The two rotation players that Xavier lost from last year's team - Farrnolds and Abell - both left big gaps in the lineup for the Muskies. One of those gaps had a ready-made solution though, as RaShid Gaston will shed the redshirt this season and figure to step right into the frontcourt ready to drop 15 and 9 like he did in his last year at Norfolk State.

The gap left by Abell will be a little trickier. While Xavier has plenty of perimeter firepower on the offensive end, Abell's athleticism in transition and defensive prowess will be less easily replaced. According to ESPN's Paul Biancardi though, Quentin Goodin may be the man for the job:

Goodin will most likely be coming off the bench to fill the void left by Remy Abell, who could defend multiple positions on the perimeter... He will enhance the backcourt by providing transition play and plenty of guard power to sustain success in the Big East.

Click through for the whole bit, plus commentary on incoming freshman for fellow Big Easters Nova and Creighton.

Coach Mack has always preached that defense gets you onto the floor, even as Xavier has had some struggles in that area. The 1-3-1 zone is a good weapon to have, but there are some times when you need a dude who can just step up and go at the other team's biggest weapon. That's a big ask for a freshman, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that Goodin can be that guy.

Plus, we already know his little brother can really defend: