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Xavier v. Vanderbilt: 2016 NCAA Baseball Nashville Regional How To Watch, TV Schedule

Hard to believe this guy is just a sophomore.
Hard to believe this guy is just a sophomore.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There are 32 NCAA baseball games today (plus the NAIA World Series championship game) as postseason play roars to life, but only a couple of them are going to have anything to do with Xavier. The Muskies are opening their play in the Nashville regional (our quick capsules on each team can be found here) in the evening game, but game one will begin this afternoon. We've got TV info and probable starters for both games listed below, and we'll be in the comments all evening as Xavier looks to get things rolling with a huge upset of Vandy.

Game 1: #2 UCSB v. #3 Washington (3pm ET)


Probable starters: Shane Bieber (11-3, 2.96 ERA) v. Noah Bremer (4-5, 3.17 ERA)

These are just my best guesses at the starters; each of them was the top of the rotation guy for his respective team, and I don't see any reason either coach would throw off in game one. Both teams did a lot more pitching than they did scoring during the regular season, so whoever gets a couple on the board first could have the opponent chasing the game the rest of the way.

Game 2: #1 Vanderbilt v. #4 Xavier (8pm ET)


Probable starters: Jordan Sheffield (8-5, 2.73 ERA) v. Zac Lowther (6-5, 3.22 ERA)

These two teams faced off back in March with the same two starters throwing in game one of that series. Sheffield struck out 12 and carried a no-hitter into the eighth inning while Lowther went six and gave up five runs to get the loss. In that three-game series, Vandy swept the Muskies and outscored X 26-5. In other words, Xavier has lulled the opponent into a sense of complacency and should be ready to strike when the game starts tonight.


For those unfamiliar with regional baseball play, the winners of these two games will play one another tomorrow, as will the losers. Whoever loses the game between the losers is eliminated. Play progresses from that point until three teams have accumulated two losses each.