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Will Xavier be in on Nebraska transfer Andrew White?

White has the talent to make Xavier a top five team. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

You can't prove this didn't go in.
You can't prove this didn't go in.
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If you're a Xavier fan with a pulse and an internet connection, you're probably aware that (a) Xavier has three open scholarships for this year and (b) plenty of Xavier fans are itching for Coach Mack to do something with them.

Meanwhile, in another part of town... Nebrask wing Andrew White requested his release. If you're not familiar with White, no shame in that. Just know that he's 6'7", 215 or so. He dropped 16.6/5.9/0.6 on .481/.412/.775 shooting for Nebraska last year, starting all 34 games the Huskers played on his way to being honorable mention All-Big Ten. Before that, he sat a year due to having transferred from Kansas, where he played 43 games over two years for Bill Self.

Perhaps most importantly, that transfer year didn't derail White's academic progress, meaning he has already graduated and can play immediately upon transfer this year. Intrigued?

White is a prospect that cuts both ways in a sense. On the one hand, he posted an ORtg of 118.1, crushed the defensive glass, rarely turned the ball over, and jarred 87 threes while carrying a good portion of the load for Nebraska last year. Who wouldn't want that guy on their team right now?

On the other hand, you don't have to do too much googling to discover articles calling White selfish and shady, having left a perennial winner in Kansas, played out the string at Nebraska, gone through the NBA draft process before withdrawing at the 11th hour, and then bailed on his teammates in late June. Who would want that guy on their team?

Back to the first hand: when White left Kansas, Bill Self spoke well of him and painted him more as the victim of a roster crunch than anything else. Now having matured in two years in the Big Ten, his stated reason for wanting to transfer is that he wants to have one more chance to win something in college...

...but his detractors are quick to point out that the reason he wants to win something in college is supposedly because NBA people told him he needed to do so if he wanted the attention of front offices at draft time next year. Having surveyed a grim scene in Nebraska, he - purportedly - bolted for greener pastures with no thought to those he was leaving behind.

Without knowing the kid, it's hard to say where in this whole mess the truth is (though that hasn't stopped people from taking firm positions on it on the internet). One thing I do know is that buckets don't lie, and White gets them by the handful. It will be interesting to see if Xavier enters the mix on this one. In Coach Mack I trust when it comes to weighing out situations like this.