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What is Xavier's recruiting ceiling?

Is there a chance X starts pulling in top five guys?

This is kind of a weird picture.
This is kind of a weird picture.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed it yesterday, Xavier target Brandon Randolph took a visit to Louisville. Randolph is a big wing who can really put the biscuit in the basket; Xavier has been on him for a bit, but his taking a visit to the home of the Yum! Center was widely seen as a disheartening sign by Muskies fans who follow this sort of thing.

Last year Xavier went through similar dances with Markelle Fultz and Kobi Simmons, both of whom were high-profile guards somewhere in the top 15 or 20 players in the class. Xavier had both of them on campus at different points, but Simmons came down to UK or Arizona - the latter of which he chose - and Fultz took off for the scenic Pacific northwest in signing with Washington. Setting aside for a moment the facts that (a) the presence of Ed Sumner already on the roster likely complicated those recruitments and (b) Xavier landed a pretty darn good guard in the class anyway in Quentin Goodin, there was a bit of a sense that the Muskies aren't quite a top recruiting power right now.

Of course, the fact that we're even having this conversation is indicative of the progress Xavier has made. There was a time that a Xavier commit might open things back up just because John Thompson the Third called him and ignited in him a desire for plodding half-court offenses and first-weekend NCAA tournament exits. Certainly now the Muskies are that poacher to a lot of good programs, but...

There's still the sense that a tweet saying "[Xavier target] taking visit to Arizona/UK/Louisville/pick a blue blood" is a bit of a death sentence. X is top notch, but I don't think they're quite out there picking dudes like Calipari and Sean Miller are.

With the progress that Xavier has established and the trajectory of the program, maybe it's not impossible that they are one day the top recruiting power in the league. What do you think Xavier's ceiling is right now in terms of what recruits it can bring in? Could the right set of current circumstances land X a top 5 guy? If not, do you think that will be the case in the future?