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Xavier loses out on UK transfer Charles Matthews

Maybe he's afraid of ladders and scissors?
Maybe he's afraid of ladders and scissors?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Because is still don't know how to embed from mobile, here's a link to a tweet. If you can't read that for whatever reason, just know that ESPN's Jeff Goodman is reporting that a source told him Matthews is going to Michigan.

This one mystifies me a little. It felt to me like Matthews would be a better fit for Xavier than he would for Michigan and John Beilein's system. I don't think Xavier didn't pursue him hard, which means that it came down to Michigan and Xavier in his mind and he felt like Michigan was a better place to achieve his basketball goals. Xavier looks the better bet to win something serious in the next four years, but I guess Matthews doesn't see it that way.

Anyway, with this going down and Xavier target Markell Johnson off the board to NC State, I'm guessing the ten guys on the roster at this point will make up the team for Xavier. Pray for good health.