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Xavier in the mix for Kentucky transfer guard Charles Matthews

Matthews spent one year at UK without making much of an impact.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As always, the news first:

Matthews was a top 50 recruit in the class of 2015, but his time at Kentucky did not go as he had hoped. The 6'6", 190-pound shooting guard played in every game, averaging 10.3 minutes per, but shot just .442/.250/.412 on his way to 1.7/1.6/0.4 for a game line. His TO rate of 23.1% is high for a scoring guard, and his ORtg of 92.7 wasn't blowing anyone out of the water.

There were some positives to his game though. For starters, he was an excellent rebounder for a guard, posting 10.7%/7.7% numbers in OReb%/DReb%. He was also a very good defender, showing himself capable of guarding all three perimeter positions when called upon to do so.

The biggest thing holding Matthews back right now is a complete lack of a jumper. He was a fine finisher, scoring almost two-thirds of his attempts at the rim, but he shot just 27.3% on two-point jumpers and 25% on 1-4 from deep. On his departure from Kentucky, Matthews looks like an athletic slasher with big defensive upside who needs to be able to get to the rim to score. He is a threat in transition as well. Adding an athletic wing who can really defend would be solid for Xavier; seeing them in on Matthews is a good thing.

If you want some film on Matthews getting consistent run, here's his senior mixtape: