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JP Macura pleads guilty in bar incident

Xavier's junior guard will enter a diversionary program in lieu of fines and jail time.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In the denouement  in the latest chapter of the long and sordid love affair between young men and alcoholic beverages, JP Macura pled guilty to misdemeanor charges today. As we speculated here back when the story first broke, JP has accepted a diversionary program in lieu of facing jail time or paying the full realm of the fines possible. So long as JP keeps his proverbial nose clean and his

literal pants up, he'll walk away with a clean record and only the eternal stain of Google search results against his name.

The school has yet to release a statement on the completion of the court case, but it's hard to see where JP will walk away from this without some basketball related ramifications. Xavier's junior guard won't be facing the loss of an entire season but his appearance in the opener will most likely come in a suit and tie as opposed to full uniform. We'll have more on this once word does come down but, for now at least, the story of JP and the misplaced belt will go back into hiding.