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Xavier Musketeers Jalen Reynolds and Trevon Bluiett not invited to NBA combine

This is not news.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

First, there's this. Does twitter intentionally make it impossible to embed from mobile, or am I doing something wrong?

Obviously you don't see Jalen or Trevon listed there, at least not at this point. Unless Goodman has bad information or something breaks late, it doesn't appear that either Musketeer early entry with his name still in the draft is going to get invited to the combine.

I don't think this changes much, to be honest. NBA teams have three years of game film on Jalen at this point; you know what you're getting with him. If someone is really curious about a particular facet of his game, they can bring him in for a private workout. All this really tells us is that there's not enough interest around the league to evaluate what he brings to the combine.

Trevon isn't a surprising omission either. Teams want to evaluate guys who they need more information on before making a go/no-go decision about where they land. Someone who is going to be a really high pick like a Ben Simmons fits this mold. Guys who have played at small schools without much exposure or guys high on potential but low on production also fall in here. Tre is not any of those things.

The bottom line at this point is that I still suspect Jalen is going overseas and I still suspect Trevon is coming back to school. Nothing on this list really compels me to think otherwise.