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Xavier guard Larry Austin, Jr. to transfer to Vanderbilt

LAJ has found a new home.

This may be the last time I get to use this picture.
This may be the last time I get to use this picture.

First, the news:

Jon Rothstein took time away from his shtick to drop in this little tweet. LAJ, of course, spent two years at Xavier, showing flashes of his potential as a defender and athletic reserve guard without ever developing the kind of jumper he needed to get consistent court time. Now he's off to another high-major school.

Vanderbilt was an 11-seed in the NCAA tournament this past year, but that wasn't enough to save the job of then head coach Kevin Stallings. He was dismissed, and Valparaiso's Bryce Drew was brought in to take his place.

Larry should have a chance to get some good minutes at Vandy. Last year's point guard responsibilities were handled by Wade Baldwin, but he declared for the NBA draft and hired an agent. The only other point guard on the roster is rising junior Riley LaChance, who was only moderately effective in his minutes last year. If Larry can settle in during his redshirt year, he has every chance to do well at Vandy. We wish him all the best.