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What Xavier legend would you add to this year's team?

So pretend we could ignore the NCAA for a minute...

I guess you could make a case for this guy.
I guess you could make a case for this guy.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I had a dream the other night that Mark Lyons was back at Xavier for the upcoming year. I tend to have weird dreams when I'm super tired, and I tend to be super tired when I have a new baby. So... Moog was back. Xavier ran shop on UC in the Shootout to give Myles Davis the 4-4 career, then Lyons started a fight with the entire UC bench, because even dreams can't change some things.

Anyway, Xavier has three scholarships left for the upcoming season. The roster as it currently stands figures to be pretty stout, but there's no reason to burn three roster spots if you can upgrade or add quality depth. Say we ignore the NCAA's rules about amateurism and eligibility and we can add one former Xavier player to the roster; who do you pick?

Maybe you think we need a guy who can go get a bucket at all three levels and settle on Jordan Crawford. Maybe you think Ed will have that covered and instead want to slide David West's post dominance into the depth chart. Or perhaps you're on Team RaShid (or Team Sean/Eddie/Tyrique) and would rather add the explosive bounce of Derrick Brown.

Of course, Xavier has never had a killer like Tu Holloway; you've gotta at least consider him. Unless you want the last PG to take X past the Sweet 16. Speaking of guys who wore zero, Maybe you really want to see what Semaj could do with a deeper and more talented roster around him.

Anyway, consider Xavier's current roster, the skill sets of the players who you might call upon, and whatever else makes you want to see someone back in Xavier colors one more time, then make your case in the comments section.