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Xavier forward James Farr signs with an agent

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

James Farr has signed with Zach Charles of Three Point Sports Management according to Adam Zagoria, who gets paid to know these things. Three Point Sports Management appears to be a fairly modest firm, representing several D-League and independent league players, as well as a couple of players in international leagues.

I think signing with this firm is kind of indicative of Farr's level of potential professional landing spots. While he exploded in his development this year due to an increased focus on dominating in the paint, he's not exactly flying up mock drafts. His most probable professional route is that of Matt Stainbrook, who got a summer league look before landing overseas.

One thing that should be noted is that rebounding is traditionally a skill that translates very well from college to the pros. James Farr was an incontrovertably dominant rebounder; hopefully he can keep that up in whatever the summer brings for him and end up making some solid money to play ball. It's hard to be anything but happy for James and his development as a player.