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Xavier transfer target Max Strus of Lewis commits to DePaul

The Muskies see a potential piece of the puzzle commit to a rival Big East school... again.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

First, the news:

This, like just about all recruiting decisions, is a mixed bag. Maybe Xavier really wanted Strus and he chose DePaul over X. Maybe Xavier could have slotted him in but he took DePaul instead because he would rather be on the court for 25 minutes a game and they give him a better shot at that. In the words of Graham Hess, "could be bad, could be good."

Time will tell on this one. Much like Katin Reinhardt choosing Marquette, Xavier will get to see exactly what might have been as the target in question has once again committed to a school in the Big East. Maybe we'll look back on this and wish we had Strus, but there's just as much a chance that we'll see it as a bullet dodged.

Xavier continues to work with three open scholarships for next year. The April evaluation period for recruiting continues through this weekend.