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James Farr takes next step toward the pros

Big Game James tips off at the Portsmouth Invitational today.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

James Farr tips off today in the next step of his journey toward professional basketball, the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. The PIT takes seniors from all over the nation, except those who are sure first round picks, and places them into teams that play in front of all manner of scouts and coaches. The PIT is a four day, 12 team tournament involving 64 participants looking for more exposure on the national stage.

This year James is playing for Cherry Bakaert, an accounting firm based out of the Southeast US. His teammates range from the better known (Ryan Spangler of Oklahoma) to the somewhat less heralded (Nick Faust of Long Beach). If the PIT sounds familiar, it's because Matt Stainbrook landed here last year before getting an invite to multiple summer league teams. While Matt eventually landed overseas, the PIT remains the best chance for James Farr to catch the attention of an NBA team looking for a vicious rebounder.

To watch James first game, head over to SlamOnline for the live stream.