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USC graduate transfer wing Katin Reinhardt is considering Xavier

This is intriguing news.

"Man, I gotta get out of this crappy southern California weather."
"Man, I gotta get out of this crappy southern California weather."
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

First, the news:

That account is run by Scott Wolf, a staff writer for the LA Daily News who covers USC and followed by Mario Mercurio, so it's certainly providing credible information. Reinhardt has played two years at USC after transferring out of UNLV; more pertinently, he'll be graduating this semester and eligible to play right away. UConn, VCU, and UTEP have also been linked to Reinhardt.

Reinhardt is a 6'6", 210-pound wing who averages 11.3/2.4/1.9 on .393/.369/.835 shooting on his career. He's a big, athletic defender who can lock players down on and off the ball. He also averages about a steal per game is very rarely called for fouls, about twice every 40 minutes of play. Reinhardt saw his minutes and usage diminish this year at USC, but it was the most efficient offensive season of his career.

Of all the guys Xavier has been linked to this offseason, Reinhardt makes the most sense at first blush. He's a guy who can play right away, defend, and hit threes. In the best-case scenario, he looks a lot like a Remy Abell who is a little bit more aggressive and little bit more effective on the offensive end.

It appears obvious at this point that Coach Mack believes he is going to free up a scholarship this summer. Assuming you don't think JP is getting dismissed for showing his hind end in a bar, the obvious candidates for freeing up that space are LAJ via transfer or Jalen via going pro.

Here's way too much video of him in action: