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Xavier on the seed line: March 9th

Things are progressing rapidly toward Selection Sunday, and all eyes are, for once, on which seed line Xavier will land on.

These guys are holding up threes, but Xavier is looking at a two seed.
These guys are holding up threes, but Xavier is looking at a two seed.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

This is generally the time of year when a frantic checking of the bubble is mandatory upon waking, lunching, taking dinner, and about 15 times per evening. Thankfully, this year Xavier has no bubble fears. That doesn't mean there's not anything to look at as we approach Selection Sunday, though.

Xavier is in great position for a very high seed, perhaps the highest in school history. A one seed means that progressing through is college basketball's version of a sure thing, even getting a two seed means the chances of progression are 94.35%, and only 20 three seeds have ever lost in the first round. The higher, the better, and here's where Xavier sits right now.


ESPN: #2

Joe Lunardi is showing no movement for Xavier right now. He's had them at a two and he still has them at a two.

CBS: #2

Jerry Palm also has Xavier at a two seed. Palm has, if anything, been more bullish on Xavier this year than Lunardi has been.

SBNation: #2

Going by the numbers provided by Bracket Matrix, our boy Chris Dobbertean has been more accurate with his predictions than either of the two big names. Of course, when they all have Xavier ranked the same way, that doesn't really do much for us. We availed ourselves of the chance to ask Chris what Xavier needs for a one seed.

Assembly Call: #2

Who? Well, according the numbers, this is the most accurate bracket in the land over the last five years. Andy also has Xavier in at a two.

Bracket Matrix: #3

The brain behind compiling literally every bracket on the internet has Xavier at a three against Hawaii right now. Troublingly, KenPom has Hawaii as the 74th best team in the nation. That's not good, but it's way better than say, projected 15 seed Weber St at 130th.

Crostics: #1

These are seeds based solely on a computer algorithm. For a bit more on how he comes up with the numbers, check here. There simply aren't many projections out there right now that have Xavier on the to seed line.

That's where Xavier is now with a representative look at who has what teams where. As bubbles burst and actual games get played, I'll update this accordingly. More data will be available after Xavier plays on Thursday, so expect an update on Friday morning for sure.