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Roster(de)bating: Creighton

Xavier has one final time up before the most anticipated post season in program history. How do they approach avoiding the sweep to Creighton?

How do you send these guys out?
How do you send these guys out?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last time Xavier and Creighton met, X out on their word offensive display of the season on the way to one of their four losses thus far. Maurice Watson went for 32 points and Creighton only needed one other double digit scorer to get them a big home win. Fast forward to the present and Creighton really really needs a win to reignite their faint bubble hopes.

Last call for Farrnolds at Cintas?

We know for sure that James Farr will be appearing for the final time at Cintas Center and it seems likely that Jalen Reynolds will not be back next year, either. Last time against Creighton, they combined for 31 and 15 in 48 minutes despite Creighton not having to worry in the slightest about Xavier's outside shooters. Is it time to set the double post out there and see if the Bluejays can do any better on them this time?

Man up on Watson?

Although it is near impossible to win by scoring 56 points, X basically made sure of it when Maurice Watson absolutely shredded the 1-3-1 and man alike on his way to 32 points. Watson is coming off a groin injury last game against Providence and may not be as hard to stay in front of this time. The dude clearly has a basketball brain, but a man may expose his current mobility issues, especially if he has to deal with Abell and Austin.

Does Remy keep the drink stirred?

A hallmark of Xavier's offense when it sputters is a lack of ball movement. The assist numbers in the losses to Creighton and Seton Hall bear this theory out as Xavier suffered droughts that cost them both games. Another notable in those games is the lack of minutes for Remy Abell who, while not adding a scoring threat, may be a key component in keeping the ball moving for X on offense. Remy might never go out and get buckets like Myles does, but he will take what the defense gives him and keep the ball moving otherwise, which might make him an ideal candidate for a lot of minutes this Senior Day.