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Xavier guard JP Macura arrested

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well this isn't good. According to 700 WLW:

Jonathan (JP) Macura arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

The police report on Macura's arrest says that he pulled his pants down inside RP McMurphys and used offensively coarse language. The 20 year old is also accused of using a fake ID to get into the Hyde Park bar. He spent the night in jail and faces arraignment in Hamilton County Court today.

Brad knows more about the law than I do, seeing as how his job is to enforce it, so I'll let him speak to how big a deal those kind of charges are legally.

From a Xavier stand point, this obviously isn't a good look. Macura is possessed on an abrasive demeanor on the court, but you hoped he would have the good sense to keep his pants on in public and not give cops a hard time.

The school is aware of the situation and working to gather the facts.

Further bulletins as events warrant.