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Jalen Reynolds declares for NBA draft without an agent

This was expected, but it's still not entirely comforting.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Reynolds has declared for the NBA draft but has not yet hired an agent, per ESPN's Jeff Goodman (we always cite our sources on inside information). Reynolds has a year of eligibility left but is on course to graduate this semester. Like Trevon, Jalen still retains at this point in time the option to withdraw his name from the draft process.

Unlike Trevon, Jalen has been out of high school for five years (a year at prep school, a year of being ineligible, and the three years he has played at Xavier). While Jalen's stock has not skyrocketed the way we had hoped, there is probably some wisdom in the idea that he needs to move on to someplace he can get paid to play.

If Jalen tears it up at the combine, one would assume that he'll be done at Xavier. Either he'll catch enough of someone's eye to get a camp invite or a late pick, or he'll be off to Europe to seek his fortune there. As long as Reynolds has not hired an agent, there is the possibility that he will be back at Xavier for one last run at the Final Four.

No matter what comes of the combine process May 11-15, Jalen and everyone else with his name in the draft will have to make a decision no later than May 25th. At that point in time, everyone who has not withdrawn from the draft will forfeit his amateur status and have to continue his career somewhere outside the confines of NCAA competition.