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X on the Road: Two Days in DC

Alex Wong/Getty Images

One of the things that makes college sports so special is the regional rivalries. Conferences generally (despite all efforts to change this) are regional and the schools share pride in that. This not only benefits the teams, but benefits the fans as well. Because of this, I got the opportunity to slip behind enemy lines for a weekend and take in the Xavier-Georgetown game from the Verizon Center as opposed to my couch. Luckily, Georgetown is in a city worth visiting, unlike Dayton, so there's plenty to see and plenty of ways to fill up the weekend. Let's get started.


5:15-Arrived at airport. I'm traveling with my Dad and will be meeting up with both of the brothers in DC.

5:25-Already through security. This happens every time I travel through my hometown airport, yet I still arrive ridiculously early in the fear that it will be crowded. Does this happen to everyone at small airports? What's worse, arriving to a small airport too early, or flying out of a big airport?

5:45-My Dad has already exhausted his reading materials and is pacing the airport. We still don't fly for another hour.

6:15-My Dad has resorted to watching planes. Which in a small airport is surprisingly hard to find.

6:45-Finally on the plane. Pretty sure this is the same plane that Indiana Jones flew.

7:00-Hit turbulence for the first time. Now I'm convinced Indiana Jones flew this plane.

7:30-Plane clearly has no AC. The Indy Jones connection suddenly stopped being fun.

8:00-Wheels down at Reagan Airport. Despite it's awkward layout, I love Reagan. Mostly because of it's location, but that's still a big plus. What other airport can you see the Washington Monument from? None.

8:45-Finally make it to the hotel. One of the coolest things about DC is knowing that our hotel is right beside on embassy, like half the hotels in the city are.

9:15-Back on the Metro to go pick up the little brother. Need food badly.

9:45-At Reagan to find the brother and we quickly discover all food places are closed. Panic Mode.

10:30-Stop at a Whole Foods that has a restaurant component. What is this thing?



7:00- Up early for a Monuments run. Of course, I am awful at directions so I spent 15 minutes studying the map just to make sure.

7:15-Realize that my strategy is just head to that giant thinking sticking out of the ground. Shouldn't be that hard.

7:44-Turns out no one wants to join me for a pre-game run. Lame.

8:00-Thomas Jefferson offers me some words of wisdom, Xavier-88 Georgetown-70*.

8:15-If you run up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Rocky-style, you feel really awesome. Try it sometime.

8:30-Back at the hotel from the 4 mile run. Time to get ready for Xavier Domination.

10:25-Arrive early to The Old Ebbitt Grill and am asked if we are part of the Xavier party. Unfortunately not, but now my head is on a swivel for John Boehner.

10:30-Brunch at The Old Ebbitt Grill near the White House. Really good brunch spot with a ton of can't-miss choices. Shrimp and Grits, Chicken and Waffles, simple pancakes. You really can't go wrong.

10:35-I ordered a slightly above average Frittata and realize I actually could go wrong when I see everyone else's plate. At least this was my worst mistake of the day.

11:30-Time to head over to the Verizon Center. Twin brother, his girlfriend, and Dad are all wearing Georgetown gear. Youngest brother is wearing non-logo'd grey and blue shirt. Luckily we're not going someone dangerous.

11:35-Decide that Serial season 1 is infinitely better then Season 2. Keep bringing us trial updates, Sarah!

11:45-The phone booth always amazes me at simply how big it is. I get that it's an NHL/NBA arena first, but it's still crazy compared to the Cintas Center.

11:55-But the Cintas' biggest win is the size. 10k is perfect for college hoops. The 20k Phone Booth has too many empty seats today.

12:00-It's a "gray out" today. Which is perfect actually, because I've got a gray Xavier sweatshirt.

12:00-Oh my goodness this game is about to happen. We lost last time. Do other people here remember the last game? Can our players please forget about last game?

12:00-Black Unis today. That makes me feel a little bit better. I have no stats to back this up, but I totally believe that we play better when we wear black, and I think that needs to be worn in every Big East away game.

12:08-Edmond Sumner opens up the scoring for us and I hear a lot of cheers. Lots of X fans in the crowd, and already a lot of unhappy Hoyas.

12:15-Way too many jump shots that haven't worked so far. My brain is looking for anything to overreact to, and this is what it picked.

12:25-Sumner makes a 3 to give us a 13-12 lead. All is right in the world! Let's win!

12:30?-JACK RIDES A SKATEBOARD. This is even cooler then any halftime show. This is cooler then Mike Posner in concert. Jack, a bulldog, rides a skateboard.

12:45-Up 29-18. Commence happy dance.

12:55-Only up 2 at the half. Back to panic mode.

1:00-During halftime I walk out of my section and immediately find my senior year housemate that I have seen once since graduation. What. He lives in Tennessee. What is going on.

1:15-X starts the second half strong and I can relax again. At this point the Georgetown fans just seem frustrated.

1:30-Xavier is really pulling away. To my delight, I got a shirt that actually fits me in the "gray out" promotion. Is it bad that I'm excited about a free shirt? No, of course not.

1:40-I try to explain to those around me how awesome Sumner is and how special of a player he is. Not sure if they care.

2:00- Game ends with a convincing Xavier victory. All the X fans at the Verizon Center are happy, and it hits me that for the first time, I have seen Xavier win a road game.

2:20-Time to do cool America stuff. First thing is the National Archives where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are on display.

2:25-Turns out paper fades really bad over 200 years no matter what. It's almost impossible to ready either document.

2:26-Security guard asks a kid a historical question and he doesn't know the answer. I lean over and answer it for him. Thanks Dr. Tiro and Dr. O'Hara.

2:30-Already out the door and headed to the Holocaust Museum.

4:00-I don't want to spoil what makes it so good, but know that the Holocaust Museum is one of the best Smithsonian's, but without a doubt the saddest one (that i've been to) and is guaranteed to make you have lots of feelings.

My unofficial DC museum rankings:

1.) Smith. American History

2.) Newseum

3.) Smith. Holocaust.

5:00-Head back towards our hotel and to Nando's for dinner. Nando's is a peri-peri chicken place that's huge in the UK and in major US cities. I get the medium sauce, but hot is best for those who can handle those things.

7:00-I'm exhausted and have an early flight the next day. We watch South Carolina election results on tv and talk about the museums.


5:30-Arrive at Regan for my flight. It's been real, DC. Let's Go X.

*Note: Jefferson never said any of those words. Or did he?