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James Farr hosts AMA with Xavier Fans

Xavier's senior big man took time to answer fans questions on the opening day of NCAA Tournament action.

Is Wally Ellenson a punk? Affirmitave.
Is Wally Ellenson a punk? Affirmitave.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

James Farr has established himself this season on the court as one of the best rebounders in the nation and a menacing offensive threat from both mid range and near the basket. Off the court he has become a Xavier fan favorite because of the way he has represented the program through his relentless work ethic and general frendliness with the fanbase. Today, Farr took the time to answer various questions from Xavier fans gathered from twitter and the results ranged from glimpses in behind the scenes of how our beloved Muskies operate to issues of preference and, of course, food.

Farr dished out a few superlatives regarding both his teammates and basketball in general. Some of the answers were eye openers, but I will let James take it from here.

Funniest Teammate

Best Dancer on the Team

Favorite Arena (other than Cintas)

Favorite Player if he was a fan (hot take alert)

From there the questions got a bit less basketball and a bit more far reaching, which was entertaining in its own right.

What Attracted him to Xavier

Favorite Restaurant in Chicago

How he gets Ready for a Game

And of Course... Is a Hotdog a Sandwich

One of the reasons that Xavier fandom is so rewarding is seeing players like Farr develop over 4 years as players and develop a lasting rapport with the fanbase over those same 4 years. Players like Tu Holloway, Stanley Burrell, and Dee Davis still enjoy a social media following and occasional dialog with a Xavier fanbase where they are still adored.