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Xavier on the Seed Line: Final Update

The final breakdown isn't quite as discouraging as it looked yesterday.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Some things broke right for Xavier yesterday. West Virginia did indeed lose to Kansas, and they didn't put on such a show in doing so that they impressed the selection committee unduly. Oregon obliterated Utah so thoroughly that the Utes are now well out of the discussion for a two and could slip down to a four. The Ducks, meanwhile, jumped into the conversation for a two seed but most likely at the expense of a falling West Virginia.

The games today just aren't going to matter when it comes to Xavier's seed. Wherever the Musketeers are now is where they are going to stay. The good news is that the horizon is a bit brighter today than it was yesterday. As I tweeted this morning, Bracket Matrix compilation of 102 different projections has Xavier as the highest of the three seeds



The reason that picture doesn't go farther is that Xavier is closer in the amalgamate to a two seed than they are to the next highest three seed, Miami. The Hurricanes are far enough behind Xavier at this point that it could be considered something of a surprise if they jump up onto the two line. The Musketeers aren't catching Oregon or Oklahoma in the collective minds of college basketball writers, so it's unlikely they swipe a two from either of them. That means that, once again, Bob Huggins stands between Xavier and where they want to be. Where the Musketeers end up at 5:30 most likely comes down to whether the committee likes WVa or X.