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Tournament Takeaways: Seton Hall

Here's a takeaway for you, Xavier needs to hope that the first time they could see Seton Hall in the tournament would be the final.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier was not balling like it's March Madness last night. Indeed, they weren't doing much balling at all until the game was basically beyond all doubt. That wasn't the game that Xavier fans would have been hoping for when they went to bed after the almost casual demolition of Marquette. Now, with another two days of games to be played, the Musketeers will wait and see what the selection committee has in store for them.

Myles Davis, for better or worse, drives this team

Let's talk about the good news first. In one half of the game, Myles had 7/1/2 on 3-7 from the floor to go with three steals and only one turnover. That's a pretty solid half of work and, in that half, Xavier score 53 and outscored their opponents by seven. Sadly, that came after a half that Myles probably spent most of the night trying desperately to forget. In that half, Myles had 1/2/2 on 0-3 from the floor with seven turnovers. In that half, Xavier got eliminated from the Big East tournament. For Xavier to advance, Myles has to be at least average. When he's bad, Xavier loses.

Jalen Reynolds has to stay on the floor

News flash, right? Xavier crushed Seton Hall on the offensive glass with 28, Xavier had 21 second chance points, and the Musketeers outscored the Pirates in the paint. Jalen was, obviously, a huge part of that. When he's at his best, he's just not something that 99% of the teams in the nation can contend with. The big man has to realize he has a target on his back though, and quit reaching out toward anyone, ever.

Isaiah Whitehead has his team on his back

This kid is playing amazing basketball right now. Coach Mack said that he voted for the Seton Hall guard as conference player of the year, and it wasn't hard to see why. In conference play, Whitehead is shooting over 40% from the floor (compared to 38% in non-con), 42.6% from deep, putting up a 108.2 offensive efficiency, posting the 14th best true shooting in the Big East, blocking 4.9% of opponent's shots, and assisting on 35.5% of his teammate's made buckets. Like the guy or not, he's dragging the Pirates along right now.