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Xavier gets humiliated: Three takeaways

That's the worst Xavier has played all year, and they very much earned the beating that Creighton happily gave them

We all made that face, Trevon
We all made that face, Trevon
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton came into this game needing a big win, Xavier came into it feeling themselves after some places had them as a one seed this year. I promise you that no one will have the Musketeers a number one after this [excrement]show.

1. Tip your cap to Mo Watson Jr.

Xavier's guards can't stay with someone quick, and Watson is incredibly quick. Maurice found every crevice in every defense that the Musketeers threw at him and absolutely ripped Xavier apart. LAJ looked like he had a chance, but he inexplicably lost playing time as the game went on and no one else was even close to Watson. The zone slowed the BU transfer momentarily, but he learned it and then cut it to pieces. It was as complete a game as any 5-10 point guard will ever play. 31/7/5 for the Bluejays guard tells the story of the game.

2. No one will ever win a game shooting like that.

Xavier started badly and then somehow got worse. The Musketeers were 1-21 from deep and 21-70 overall. Trevon Bluiett was 2-10, Myles Davis was 0-7, Edmond Sumner was 2-12, and Jalen Reynolds was 5-15. All of those numbers are awful. Xavier was also only 65% from the line, just to make sure they didn't put up a good number anywhere. But hey, only 11 turnovers.

3. The Musketeers have gotten lazy.

We've had nothing but good things to say about Coach Mack this year, and he's earned all of it. That said, his team is clearly thinking they can just walk onto the court and beat people now. Against SJU and Marquette they powered through because they are incredibly talented. Against a Creighton team that is much better than either of those squads, they faltered and then completely collapsed. That's on the coaching staff. Coming out and allowing a 21-4 run while looking somewhat apathetic is just unacceptable and I'm guessing Coach Mack will give full vent to his anger in practice tomorrow.