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Xavier v. Creighton: Sort of live thread and keys

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

This is out late, for which we apologize. A funeral has gummed up the Banners works a bit. As a method of making things right, here's a link to Creighton's excellent live stats program.

Live Stats- Game Preview- Live Audio

Keys to the game

- Make Watson a Shooter. The last time Maurice Watson took more than 10 shots and Creighton won was January 9th at Seton Hall, where he dished out 14 assists. You have to go back to the game before that against Georgetown to find the last time he got 5 or fewer assists and they won. Watson is not a bad shooter, but when he is distributing at his best and not being forced to shoot, Creighton becomes much tougher.

- Keep the post fresh. This is the exact type of game where Xavier's depth in the post goes from being a luxury to an asset, because Creighton is not deep down low. Groselle and Hanson are their only true back to the basket players who get significant playing time, and both tend to struggle with fouls, while also being excellent offensive rebounders. All this points to Xavier trying to keep fresh legs in the paint to and force Creighton to go deeper into their bench than they want to.

-Keep the ball moving. Villanova obliterated Creighton by 25 last week with only one player attempting more than 10 shots. Xavier's run back into their win over Marquette was characterised by unselfish play on offense, which would serve well against a Creighton team that allows opponents to shoot 36.3% from three.