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Ed Sumner and JP Macura make the big plays as Xavier beats Marquette

My goodness. I'm not young enough for this.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier had two games to win at home this week, and they got them both. Neither performance was as comfortable as you would have liked, but they each counted. Now Xavier sits at 21-2 heading into a brutal stretch run.

The freshman wall means nothing to Edmond Sumner

With Marquette coming out hot from everywhere on the floor, Xavier needed someone to answer. Edmond Sumner fit the bill; he had the Marquette defense on skates, and his jumper wasn't giving them the luxury of playing off of him. It has been a long time since X has had a guard this dynamic.

This team needs to rebound

A lot of Xavier's advantage on both ends of the floor starts on the glass. X needs to be able to kill possessions with boards on one end, and their offense really relies on getting second-chance points on the other. When James and Jalen are having trouble the way they did today, the whole engine of the team slows down.

JP Macura is a marvel

There's just not much this kid can't do. He grabbed some big boards when Xavier was fighting back into the game. He buried two huge threes late in the game to keep Marquette from getting the upper hand back. He can start, he can come off the bench... he just knows how to play the game.