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Xavier saunters past Georgetown behind Edmond Sumner and a great day from the line

Xavier cruises to 24-3 in a walkover against the Hoyas

Ed had a great game despite chilling for most of the last ten minutes.
Ed had a great game despite chilling for most of the last ten minutes.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The game started off back and forth, but then a big Xavier run put the Muskies up 11 in the first half. Xavier stagnated and Georgetown battled back to close it to two at the half, but Xavier came out of the half on fire and never looked back.

Xavier shouldn't hunt jumpers

Setting aside for a minute that the Muskies chucked consecutive airballs at one point in the first half, this team doesn't work at its best when standing around looking for chances to lift. You don't need to be John Wooden to figure out that shots closer to the bucket are generally easier, and Xavier has the personnel to get the ball in there if they work for it. When the offense stagnates like junior high kids playing P-I-G, opponents get back into games that should have been buried.

Edmond Sumner is a special, special talent

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera isn't a bad player, but Sumner comprehensively outperformed him today. LJ Peak is a long, athletic defender, and Ed left him standing at the arc on his way to the tin. One of our Twitter followers said Sumner is just in a different league than 90% of college basketball athletically, and he's spot on. Couple that with nasty handle, the ability to finish with either hand at the rim, and enough of a shooting eye to keep defenders honest, and you're looking at maybe the most talented freshman Xavier has ever had.

Georgetown needs a lot of help

The Hoyas are floundering. This loss drops them to .500 on the season and below .500 in league play. They've had some injury problems, but their best player is graduating after this season and it's not clear who is going to be able to step up and fill the void. Worse yet, Coach John Thompson looks like he's at least a little resigned to just letting the whole experience roll over him. There are probably better days ahead, but it's not looking good in the nation's capital right now.

Dad's take:

First half
-"Big game for us. Need a good start."
-"Rebounding is important."
-"Poor call. They don't like Jalen."
-"Need zone."
-"Need to get to the rim and pass on the jumper."
-"We are quicker than them. 24 is chunky; run him around."
-"Stay within yourself, LAJ."
-"Enough commercials already."
-"No legitimate play at defense. These refs are afraid to make the call. Jalen would have been hummed!"
-"The guys calling the game should be quiet if they don't know the rules! Smart play by JP."

Second half
-"Nice start."
-"Keep moving on offense. Run them down."
-"John Thompson looks lost."
-"When Farr is dropping jumpers, we are smokin' hot."