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Pre-Duel Pleasantries: Georgetown

Reaching across the aisle to talk Georgetown

Can someone teach the blob to do this?
Can someone teach the blob to do this?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Big East play is winding down, and your Xavier Musketeers are facing off against the Georgetown Hoyas this weekend. We'd like to forget that the last game against them happened, so let's pretend it never did. To get you ready for this game, we talked to our good friend, Casual Hoya over at Casual Hoya to talk all things Georgetown. Let's get started.

1.) This Georgetown team is frustrating to watch. Let's pretend that it's the pro's and you're the GM. Who do you trade on this team?

Thanks! Well, since our season is in the tank and we're already eyeing next year, the smart thing to do would be to move senior assets/expiring deals for young talent and picks/scholarships.  The only guy that I think teams would be interested in that fits the bill would be D'vauntes Smith-Rivera, and I think he'd provide a lot of value to any team that desires a long run in March but lacks a combo guard with a smooth stroke.  As far as what we could get in return, there are like hundreds of possibilities, but if we were to swing a trade with Xavier, for example, I would suggest DSR for Larry Austin, Jr. and J.P. Macura.  Austin, Jr. could get a lot of minutes for us at the PG spot next season and I'd only acquire Macura in order to sit him at the end of the bench and never play that punk.

2.) Which players have you most excited for next season?

Everyone! As much as this season has sucked the life out of Hoyas fans, the reality is there is a lot to like about this roster especially heading into next season.  It's early to project a starting five, but Jessie Govan in the middle, Marcus Derrickson and Isaac Copeland as the forwards, and LJ Peak and (insert capable point guard) is a pretty good lineup, and there's lots of quality depth on the bench in Paul White, Kaleb Johnson, Trey Mourning, incoming freshman guard Jagan Mosely, etc.

3.) Is an NCAA tournament bid still possible, and how far do you see this team going?

No, and please stop.  Well, I guess yes, assuming we win out.  And by win out I mean like win every game left.

4.) For those Musketeers traveling to the game, where should they eat before the game and drink afterwards?

Bienvenidos a DC! Before the game I suggest Muskies fans gather at Clyde's, which is a large restaurant right next to Verizon with plenty of beverage selections and delectable menu options. After the game, you'll want to celebrate your 20 point blowout win at any of the non-contact strip clubs in DC which further enforce the notion that DC is one of the worst towns in America.

5.) What's cooler, New Jack riding a skateboard or Old Jack shredding a box? Also, can Jack teach the Blue Blob how to ride a skateboard?

I was an 'Eat That Box!' guy, personally, but the skateboard stunt is pretty cool, too.  I think at the last game Jack decided to hell with it and refused to get on the skateboard, so clearly he's a tad upset with the way things have transpired this season as well.  I just googled Blue Bob and WTF is that thing!  Like Cookie Monster meets Mr. Potato Head?

6.) Score prediction?

I know the Hoyas ate your lunch in Cincy, but I don't see any reason to think this game is close.  Xavier 76 - Hoyas 61. This season has been really painful, my dude.  I could really use a hug.
Thank you again to Casual Hoya. If anyone sees him, be sure to give him a hug for all of us.