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Xavier v. Providence: pregame pressers and Q&A with Daniel James

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, video credit goes to and/or Cliff Jenkins/Xavier. First off, here are Remy and James (but mostly James) talking about what Providence brings and what the team's goals going forward are:

And here is Coach Mack behind the table, talking about how Xavier will defend Providence and how Providence defends in general:

While we're talking about Providence, Daniel James from Cox Hub hit us up for a little bit of a Q&A about the upcoming game. I really like the format he has going over there; here's a sneak peek, but you can click through to get the whole experience:

2. Which team is playing better basketball right now? Which star players?

DJ: In a single phrase: Xavier is playing better ball, Providence has better stars. I think we both agree on that. You highlighted that Xavier is playing much better basketball as a team and it's hard to argue with that. You stand in second in the Big East and, in all honesty, will probably challenge Villanova more than any other team. Where Providence thrives (and where they can probably win on Wednesday) is when someone else from the team steps up, as we saw in the Georgetown game on Saturday with Rodney Bullock.