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Xavier v. Colorado water cooler takes: choose your own adventure

Through one door is the bright sunshine of an optimistic future. Through the other is only despair and darkness. Choose wisely.

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Baylor Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

Life is difficult. Sports are supposed to be our diversion from that, so it's not a barrel of laughs when your favorite sports team loses and doesn't look particularly good in the process. Last night Xavier pulled exactly that trick. Because it's hard to know exactly how to react the next day when something like that goes down, we're just going to cover both sides of the coin for you here.

If the glass is still half full for you, if you're ready to get up, dust yourself off, and see the silver linings buried within the dark cloud of defeat, if you're the kind of guy who was reminding everyone on twitter last night that you can't get eliminated from the tournament in December, click here.

If you're not ready to get over it just yet, if you're still replaying the game in your mind and analyzing exactly where Xavier lost it, if you're the type of person who remembers every ex and what he or she did to ruin things, or if you just want to wallow in a dark mood for a little while longer, click here.