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Pre-Duel Pleasantries: Georgetown

Talking to our good friends at Casual Hoya

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that the biggest thing happening this Saturday is the Xavier-Georgetown game. No one big events are happening on a very sleepy lazy Saturday. To help you get ready for the game, we talked to our good friends over at Casual Hoya to tell us a bit about this year’s Georgetown team. Let’s see what they had to say.

1.) I feel like 2016 has pretty much sucked. What's been the best part of this year for you?

Everyone keeps saying that 2016 was so awful, but for me it really hasn’t been. I have enjoyed seeing my 401K balloon to unprecedented levels and, if I’m being quite honest, the longer the ‘In Memoriam’ part of the Oscars telecast the better! Think of how great it’s going to be this year! Star-studded! Wow! I’m like, really excited for it!

I suppose I can see the other side of the coin which involves minor things like the possibility that Russia will nuke us and/or the country will implode, but hey, that ‘In Memoriam’ is going to be really awesome.

2.) With wins over Syracuse and Oregon but some weird losses, how are things on the delusion train?

The Delusion Train has been derailed after the embarrassing loss to the Marquette Golden Smurfs and that postgame quote by one of their players that basically said that Georgetown blows goats.

Naturally, if we had defeated Marquette I’d be telling you that we’re #FinalFourBound, but since we lost and the season is pretty much over, hopefully we can cobble together 8 wins in the Big East and maybe make the NIT.


3.) Who should Xavier fans be afraid of on Saturday?

We have a bulldog that knows how to skateboard. (Note: It’s pretty cool)

Other than that, I suppose grad transfer Rodney Pryor should scare the bejeesus out of you since he can score from anywhere on the court. If he and L.J. Peak (who hurt his groin against Marquette and may not play) are on, then the Hoyas are tough to defend. But if they aren’t, then the only thing that should scare you is the Hooters a few blocks away from the Verizon Center.

4.) What is your opinion on the "elf on the shelf" craze?

I’m down! Didn’t really know what the deal was until this year but I got one of those suckers and the kids loved it! Every night after they’d go to bed I’d creep downstairs and put it in a different spot, and then next morning they’d try to find it before drowning their Eggo waffles in syrup and making a damn mess. Great fun, but now our elf is back at the North Pole and the kids are sad and I'm pretty sure they blame me.

5.) How can I get ahold of one of the Allen Iverson bobbleheads?

If you let us win on Saturday I’ll send you the one I have in my office FedEx Priority Overnight. Deal?

6.) Prediction time. What's going to be the score, and how many people are going to show up to an 11 am tipoff?

Since I am an eternal optimist and think the Hoyas have to have some pride (I think), I’ll go Hoyas 67 – Muskies 61 in a poorly played turnover filled sleepy slugfest in front of maybe 6,500 people at the Verizon Center.

There you have it. As much as I want that Iverson bobble head, there is no way I’ll trade an early season conference win for it.