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Memories of Skip

Skip Prosser never used social media, but he’s remembered well on it.

ACC Men's Basketball Tournament Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Skip Prosser coached Xavier in a time where he never had to use the not word “at’ers” in a press conference. He never favorited a recruit’s tweet, or liked someone on Facebook. Skip existed in a time when there were just beginning to be limits on text messages (I think) and no one had ever live streamed anything. That doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t remember Skip, though. As the eve of his game approaches, fans, players, and fellow coaches have taken to their accounts to pay their respects to a guy they remember as not just a good coach, but a good man.

This could go on ad infinitum, but you get the idea. Nearly a decade after his passing, Skip Prosser is still shaping college and high school basketball everywhere he went.

My enduring memories of Skip Prosser remains the ones that impacted the site you are reading. In our formative years, I was Gary Lumpkin, Joel was Lenny Brown, and Bryan went so far as to place Papa John’s orders under the name James Posey. Skip’s recruits were the ones that we grew up with. After Pete Gillen left, our dad was fortunate to find another coach with what he considered the requisite moral fiber to coach his favorite team. Skip’s departure to Wake left a hole, but his building of the program helped land Xavier where it is now. The game tomorrow between his two final programs seems a fitting tribute.