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Xavier v. UNI (The Rematch): Live Chat, stats, and listings

"Do you think they'll ever get these guys some new pictures to use?"
"Do you think they'll ever get these guys some new pictures to use?"
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports
Xavier Musketeers (5-0)
Northern Iowa Panthers (3-1)

Three keys:

1. Blood Kaiser Gates: Xavier is currently extremely thin on the front line. Gaston, O'Mara, and Jones are all insistent on racking up the fouls and the early season officiating has been more than happy to oblige. Kaiser isn't a true post, but he could help lessen the strain and give Bernard and Bluiett more time at the three when Xavier goes big. Gates won't be in game shape quite yet, but the next two games present a great chance to get his legs back under him.

2. Make some jumpshots: The Musketeers rather famously went an entire half without making a jumper earlier in the season and currently have the 14th most efficient offense in the nation despite shooting a frankly shocking 28% behind the arc. Can Xavier beat UNI without the three pointer? They did it shooting 5-22 just six days ago. Xavier let the Panthers back in that game, though, by not being able to kill the game by making the threes UNI was willing to let them take. There will be opportunities again, converting them would go a long way to alleviating mental strain late.

3. Dominate on the glass: Xavier isn't the rebounding team they were last year, but they should be head and shoulders above the Panthers. A large part of the reason that Xavier won was they controlled the rebounding game. 12 offensive rebounds and a 78% rate on the defensive end will cover for a multitude of shooting sins.