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Myles Davis one step closer to returning to the court for Xavier

Myles has made an end of one of the charges against him, partially clearing the way for his return from suspension.

Xavier v Weber State
Xavier could use their veteran guard back on the floor.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

First, a tweet:

If paying restitution and court costs sounds a lot like paying money to have a charge go away, welcome to how the world works. Myles has replaced what he broke and compensated the judiciary for using its time, so... that’s that done. With one of the charges out of the way (a phrase I hate typing about a Xavier player), Myles is closer to being able to rejoin the team.

How much closer? Not as close as we all hope:

This isn’t that much of a surprise. Assuming Myles is doing what he needs to behind the scenes, though, this is an encouraging development for the Musketeers. He has a lot to take care of before he gets back onto the floor, and he just got some of it done.

Xavier tips off tomorrow against Lehigh, obviously without Myles. They will also be without Kaiser Gates, who is out with a knee issue.