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Xavier's Edmond Sumner will not play against Butler

That's that official.

Take your time, Ed.
Take your time, Ed.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As first reported by everybody and his mother on Twitter, Edmond Sumner is out for today's game against Butler at the Cintas Center. I feel like we all probably assumed this when he was being wheeled out of the Pavilion against Villanova, but now it's as official as it's going to be. Edmond is still considered day-to-day, though Coach Mack noted that Ed wanted to go today.

This news is probably greeted with an honest sigh of relief from most Xavier fans. There's no reason to take a risk bringing back a kid that quickly from a head and neck injury. Not for January basketball, not for March basketball, not for the national championship. Sumner has a bright future of basketball ahead of him, but even if he didn't you want him to be able to walk and remember his name when he has kids.

Coach Mack said in the presser that point guard duties would be divided among players who had assumed them in the past. Look for Myles Davis and a healthy dose of LAJ today. Expect to see Kaiser Gates get some more minutes as wings are shifted to guard positions to accommodate Sumner's absence.