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Xavier v. Georgetown: three takeaways

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown came in and knocked down a bushel of early threes, and Xavier couldn't ever quite get back into it. Trailing 39-33 at the half, the Muskies cut it to 51-49 at one point, but Georgetown had an answer for everything Xavier tried to do and they walked out of Cintas winners

We were lied to

They said it would be different this year. They said that the ticky-tack, nickel and dime fouls that the officials were calling in non-conference play would continue on through the conference season and into tournament time. It didn't happen. The area at and around the rim was a brawl in the first half, then suddenly the officials started calling fouls like they were on comission. This was not officials controlling a game; it was them vexing and confusing everyone in the arena with an inconsistent application of the rules. It was bad.

There are no gimmes in Big East play

St. John's took Xavier to the wire at their place. Now Georgetown - who had been struggling to do anything at all against anyone - came into Cintas and knocked off the Musketeers in a game in which Xavier was favored by ten. An incandescent performance from Tre Campbell put Xavier in a hole from which they could never really recover. The Muskies cut it down to a single possession, but Georgetown was able to answer every run Xavier had.

It happens

A lot of teams have played bad games this year; this may well have been Xavier's first one. A guy averaging 3.5 PPG went over 20, Trevon and Edmond combined to go 8-28, and Xavier still had chances to cut it to one possession down the stretch. X couldn't get the shots to fall when they needed them, but they'll have a couple of days to get back to where they need to be before hosting Seton Hall on Saturday.