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Roster(de)bating: Three questions before Georgetown

Is it time to hand the keys back to Edmond? Jalen Reynolds hasn't actually fouled out since March 12th of last season, maybe it's time to just let him go.

JP Macura, wing slasher.
JP Macura, wing slasher.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

After about three weeks of wresting with what to call this pregame article and one somewhat off color joke in regard to the point of messing about with roster questions that occasionally aren't very meaningful, we bring you Roster(de)bating, the column dedicated to figuring out the rotations and substitutions that are going to be in play for Xavier for each game. Without any further ado, here's what needs tackled when Georgetown comes to the Cintas.

1. Is it necessary to start Sumner yet?

When fully healthy, Edmond Sumner is this team's starting point guard. Ed played 25 minutes against Marquette on Saturday in his first game action in two weeks and looked mostly good, if a bit like he was showing the lack of game action. The one thing that occasionally catches up to Ed is turnover rate, and the one thing that could bring Xavier down against Georgetown would be throwing away so many possessions that the Hoyas can stay close. Would it be worth staying with the steady hand of Myles Davis at the point to start just one more game?

2. Should Coach Mack just let Jalen go?

Jalen Reynolds fouls a lot, that's not a debate. What he hasn't done since March 12th of last year is actually foul out of a game. In the game where Xavier may have needed him most this year, against Butler after Edmond got hurt, Jalen played 28 minutes, put up a line of 13/8/1, missed only one shot and, most pertinently, only accrued one of Xavier's 21 fouls. There's an argument to be made that maybe Jalen just needs to be told he's off the leash and let go. Reynolds is both very talented and very frustrating so far this year. Maybe the simple knowledge that he was going to be allowed to play until prohibited by the rules from doing so would free him up a bit.

3. What on earth is JP Macura?

Quick, who is Xavier's most accurate shooter in the paint? If you are able to use context clues at all, you know the answer to that is JP Macura. JP is also Xavier's player least likely to turn the ball over and the team's most efficient offensive player and very nearly one of the 100 most effective in the nation. This is all coming from a guy who was recruited because of an incredible ability to shoot the ball from deep. What is JP shooting from behind the arc this year? 29%. At some point JP will need to knock down a three, but right now he is Coach Mack's best option as a slashing forward.