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Xavier's depth and Sumner's return carry X past Marquette

Xavier moves to 4-1 on the season in conference play to keep pace just a step behind Villanova.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When this starts to feel routine, keep in mind how special what this team is doing is. There was a time that a road win against Marquette would have been a crown jewel in Xavier's season. Now it's just another result we expect against a middle-of-the-pack team in a conference in which Xavier is quickly establishing itself as an insider.

This team can really defend

With just over 12 minutes left in the first half, Marquette hit a three to go up 18-11. Over the next 8:05, Xavier's 1-3-1 held Marquette to 0-11/0-3/0-0 shooting with 4 turnovers and just one offensive rebound. If a team has a guard who can't shoot, X has the discipline to stand there and watch him shoot open jump shots. Today's victim was Traci Carter, and Xavier took advantage to go on a 21-0 run in the middle of the first half.

Ed is no worse for the wear

Sumner didn't start, but he got some fairly early run. Within his first couple of minutes on the floor, he had the ball in semi-transition in the right hand channel when he about sat his man down with a lefty snake dribble, slashed through the llane, and casually laid it home with his left hand in a bit of traffic. There were some signs that Ed is still trying to get his wind back, but his game wasn't showing any rust.

This team is crazy deep

Xavier didn't get a ton out of 3/5 of the starting lineup with Remy and Jalen never really getting into the game and Myles missing his first 7 shots. Despite that Xavier went on the road and took it to a talented team that has already knocked off Providence. With Kaiser Gates emerging as a trustworthy defender and a viable offensive threat, the Musketeers go about nine deep (depending on what you think about Larry, Sean, or both) with guys who can fill roles and slide up the bench when needed.