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The Big 12 might not expand, which is good news for the Big East

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As you've probably heard, football drives the bus in most major conferences. Pretty much all of them, except for the Big East. It makes sense then that an announcement that the Big 12 might be allowed to have a championship game in football is big news for the conference's basketball schedule.

Just as an aside, I guess I've always taken having a conference championship to play in for granted.

Anyway, with the possibility that they can have a championship game without expanding the conference, it's more likely that the Big 12 will stick to 10 teams. This in turn means that they'll continue to play a double round robin in basketball, just like the Big East does. I don't know if conference peer pressure is a thing, but I feel like there's a better chance the Big East sticks with 10 teams as long as the Big 12 does the same.

If you need the double round robin sold to you, we're not watching the same product. There's no question that the league is improved by having everyone visit everyone. The sting of the Nova loss is eased by knowing we get them at our place. The Butler win is enhanced by knowing we have to go to their barn and prove it again. It's how things should be in a perfect world.

Also, this news means UC is more likely stuck in the miserable AAC for the foreseeable future, which is hilarious.