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2016: The Season in Review

Game Film: Breaking down Sumner's Crosstown dunk

The biggest rivalry game of the year turned when Edmond Sumner crushed home a dunk on Octavius Ellis. Here's a breakdown of exactly how Xavier's play of the year developed.

Grading Coach Mack: Overall

Xavier's head man deserves all the credit he'll get for taking a team picked to finish fourth in the Big East all the way to a constant presence in the top five of the AP poll.

Grading Coach Mack: Man Management

Coach Mack got the very most out of the men he had on hand this year. With post play and point guard looming as questions before the season, Mack pulled all the right strings.

Grading Coach Mack: Offense

Xavier's offense, not the defense, did the heavy lifting for the Musketeers this year. Coach Mack leveraged his pieces expertly throughout the year.

Grading Coach Mack: Defense

Xavier's defense started the year well and was amazing at times, but it faded as the season wore on.

Fan Rating Coach Mack in 2016

Coach Chris Mack is the man who stirs the drink for the Musketeers. How well do you think he handled these three aspects of his job?

Xavier 2016 Season in Review: James Farr Report Card

Banners fans have spoken, and they said Big Game James was Xavier's best player this year by a decent margin.

Trevon Bluiett 2016 Player Report Card

Trevon Bluiett led Xavier in scoring and did so very efficiently. Defensively, he hammered the glass and did well on bigger men in the post. That earns you a pretty good grade from the Banners community.

JP Macura 2016 player report card

When he's not doing impressions of local golfers, JP moonlights as one of your favorite basketball players.

Myles Davis 2016 player report card

Xavier's senior leader on the floor was actually just a junior this year, but he has cemented himself a spot in the Xavier pantheon.

Edmond Sumner 2016 Player Report Card

A horrific fall cost him three games, but Edmond Sumner had a tremendous season in spite of that. The sky seems to be the limit for Xavier's young guard.

Remy Abell 2016 player report card

Xavier's least flashy guard was a steady, reliable presence in his senior season for the Muskies.

Kaiser Gates 2016 Player Report Card

Xavier's lone true freshman took a while to make much of an impact. Once he did, though, he got X fans dreaming about his seemingly endless potential.

Jalen Reynolds 2016 Player Report Card

Jalen Reynolds once again posted solid stats and once again left people wondering if there was a little bit more in there.

Sean O'Mara 2016 player report card

When Xavier's reserve big man got on the court, there was often no stopping him.

Larry Austin Jr. 2016 Player Report Card

LAJ is so tantalizingly close to being an incredible bench weapon, but his offensive game continues to let him down.

Makinde London 2016 player report card

There was a vast gulf in opinions about Makinde this year among the voters. Where did you fall?


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