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Labor Day News and Notes

"They made the Jayhawk do what!??!!"
"They made the Jayhawk do what!??!!"
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Kansas State's band says it was making a spaceship. A Star Trek fan explains what's wrong with it. -
If you were on social media or listened to talk radio at all this weekend, you heard about this. The attempted clarification picture just makes the thing all the more hilarious you wonder how anyone didn't see this as a potential issue. Does K-State not have band proofreaders?

Former Indiana forward Emmitt Holt issues apology to fan base |
It's good to see a player take responsibility for his actions and finally apologize for what he did wrong. I'm kidding, of course, Emmitt Holt deflects the blame everywhere but himself and doesn't seem even mildly fazed by how incredibly stupid he is to throw his chance away (after running his best friend over). It's clear that his gutless former coach taught at least one lesson well.

Former VCU PG Briante Weber signs training camp deal with Miami Heat |
It's actually kind of nice to see this guy get another chance to run up and down the court committing simple assault. At some point he may need to learn how to play basketball, but until then his defensive prowess has earned him a shot in the NBA.

WATCH: Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy does the Whip, Nae Naes -
I absolutely hate this "song," but kudos to Andy Kennedy for his continuing effort to be entertaining. Coaches like Kennedy and his alter ego and Coach Mack and his self-run Twitter are a nice break from the corporate droning of guys like Coach K.

VMI Keydets won't release Jon and Ot Elmore who left for ill grandfather
This is just completely absurd. VMI refuses to release tow kids who left school to go care for their dying grandfather. Why? Because the school wants them to pay back the continually rising number they are assigning to the scholarships the kids had received. It's not possible to read this story and not be a little bit disgusted by VMI and the totally tone deaf way they are handling this.