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Xavier 2016 target Xavier Sneed to commit today

Will Xavier round out the 2016 recruiting class today?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

From the man himself:

Sneed is a 6'5" wing out of Hazelwood Central in Florissant, Missouri. Xavier (the school) has been on Sneed since small times and has consistently shown up whenever he mentioned his top schools. The other school left in the mix is Kansas State. X is the better program here, but Kansas State is much closer to home for Sneed.

There is no word on how Sneed pronounces his first name, which is obviously going to be a huge deal if he chooses X.

Sneed's calling card at this point is his perimeter defense, which would blend in nicely with Xavier's offensively-minded but defensively-deficient set of wings currently on the roster.

The Musketeers' next commit will join ESPN 100 recruits PF Tyrique Jones and PG Quentin Goodin and ostensibly round out the recruiting class for X, pending any early departures among the current set of players. Xavier is still very much involved in the recruiting process with ESPN 100 PF Taurean Thompson and but definitely not JuCo stud PG Jaylen Barford, who committed to Arkansas last week (thanks JBBo).

24/7's crystal ball has Sneed going to Illinois, which seems unlikely at this point.