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News and Notes finally has some Xavier content

I don't want this shot distracted by initiating the offense.
I don't want this shot distracted by initiating the offense.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier related stories-

Get to Know an Incoming Recruit: Xavier's Kaiser Gates - Big East Coast Bias
Gates is related to Yancy, but seems a decent sort other than that. There's nothing here that you haven't read before, but it is a helpful refresher on Xavier's incoming stretch four.

Projected 2015-16 Big East Starting Lineups - Big East Coast Bias
This is the link to all the projections, Xavier's is right here. BECB sees Myles as the starting point guard in the projection from occasional commenter JBBo. While Myles may start the season at PG, I think either LAJ or Edmond Sumner will end the year there.

Big East Coast Bias poll: Who will be the Big East's best 'Diaper Dandy'? - Big East Coast Bias
The Big East is loaded with young talent. This poll raised the question in mind though, as to whether Sumner is being overlooked. Do you think he has the skills to play at the same level as the four guys mentioned here?

Around college ball

Men's basketball coaches fear separation of Power 5, ESPN poll shows
This would be all bad. Xavier isn't in the Power 5 and won't be any time soon because they, blessedly, don't have football. Any split relegates the Musketeers to a lower tier they have continually demonstrated they don't belong in.

Coaches prefer officiating centralized, ESPN survey shows
I think we all would. This may be the first step toward fixing some of the officiating issues.

Emmitt Holt left Indiana with no choice but to remove him from team -
It was the gutless Tom Crean that did it or spoke about it though. Holt was committing the same crime he was convicted of the night he hit his best friend with a car. Despite the first incident including "hit his best friend with a car," it's only now that Hoosiers have decided to take some action.

Jalen Rose planning a book about the Fab Five | CollegeBasketballTalk
I'll be one of the first in line to buy this. The documentary was excellent and Rose seems capable of telling the truth without being overly self-aggrandizing or obnoxious. Chris Webber may disagree.